ML Engineer

The Company

theMednet is like StackOverflow for Doctors with a focus on Cancer. We started the company because we were personally impacted by cancer and driven to build something that would improve the lives of all patients. Our mission is to improve knowledge sharing in medicine so that every doctor no matter where they are has access to the best information on cancer treatment. theMednet is a graduate of Y Combinator and is funded by prominent investors who were early backers of numerous billion dollar companies and a grant from the National Cancer Institute. We are located in New York City.

Job Description

We are looking for a software engineer with strong data analysis skills to join our small team. The role will focus on building tools and products that use internal and 3rd party data to improve user experience, data quality, and operation workflows. This includes

  • Building recommendation systems to improve content recommendations to doctors using theMednet
  • Enhancing user profiles by leveraging 3rd party data sets like medical claims data
  • Building tools to more accurately label information in our medical knowledge base
  • Suggesting product changes to improve data capture for ML purposes.
  • Identifying, transforming and integrating 3rd party data sets

This individual will be a critical part of the team and will have the opportunity to be involved in many aspects of the business including product design, data architecture and growth initiatives.


  • Backend engineer with experience with NLP/ML toolkits
  • Driven by a mission to build something that will improve the lives of all cancer patients rich or poor.
  • 4+ years experience and history of shipping product (at least 2 of those years at a funded startup)
  • A high level thinker who likes to understand the business and user needs behind the technology they are building.

Job Requirements

  • Experience building data centric products
  • Strong familiarity with data processing libraries (Pandas, NumPy, etc)
  • Experience working with and building Restful APIs
  • Experience with deploying to and managing cloud ecosystems
  • Experience building and architecting back end infrastructure
  • Strong knowledge of SQL and experience with ETL pipelines
  • Proficiency in Python and ML/DL libraries (Keras, TensorFlow, etc.)
  • Other experience preferred but not required
    • Experience working with medical claims data
    • Experience with recommendation systems
    • Experience working with data science teams
    • Comfortable with React, Kubernetes, AWS
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