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Q1: What kind of questions are on theMednet?

Questions must meet the following criteria:
  1. There is no clear answer in textbooks, guidelines, or UpToDate. Questions which address controversy in current knowledge resources are encouraged.
  2. Questions must be able to elicit answers that are helpful to the community, and not only to the question asker. We do not accept overly specific questions (like patient cases) for this reason.
  3. Questions must be clinical and have some kind of answer. i.e. they cannot be “food for thought.”
Q2: How is theMednet different from other online communities?

Unlike other online medical communities, theMednet is not a chat forum or a discussion board, but rather an up to date knowledge base of clinical best practices for situations that are not clearly addressed by guidelines, published literature, and textbooks. Through a Q&A format, expert analysis of evidence-based information, and experiential insights should also accelerate the adoption of research into patient care.
Q3: How do we know expert opinions are not biased/sponsored?

Before an answer is posted on theMednet, all authors are asked to disclose any potential conflicts of interest. Experts are not provided monetary compensation to participate or answer questions on theMednet. Any question that arose as a result of a special educational program (<5% of questions on the site) is disclosed.
Q4: How do I get an answer to my question?

If you have a question, start by searching our archives using the search bar at the top of the screen. Members have access to every question and answer ever posted, which is why every question has the potential to help thousands of patients. If you can’t find your question, ask it! Once we receive a new question, a physician-moderator will find the perfect expert in our network to answer it. You’ll be notified via email when the answer is posted.
Q5: Who can join theMednet?

theMednet is a physician-only platform, currently open only to board certified or eligible MD/DOs and trainees in the US. Specialties include Oncology. Stay tuned for launches in additional specialties in 2023!
Q6: How does theMednet make money?

theMednet was initially self-funded by Nadine and Samir prior to their receiving a number of grants from organizations like the National Science Foundation, the SWOG Hope Foundation, and the Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. More recently, theMednet has done limited-time sponsorships with industry partners to support special educational programs, such as NEJM Journal Clubs. All questions continue to come solely from our physician community and experts are not aware of the identity of the sponsor to remain unbiased. In cases of controversial topics, we try to recruit experts with varying opinions. If Q&A resulted from a sponsored program, it is disclosed on the site and no physicians are paid to participate. No physician user data is ever provided back to our sponsors.