Anticancer research 2017-02
Hypofractionated Palliative Radiotherapy with Concurrent Radiosensitizing Chemotherapy for Advanced Head and Neck Cancer Using the "QUAD-SHOT Regimen".   
To analyze the outcomes using the hypofractionated palliative radiotherapy regimen "QUAD-Shot" with concurrent radiosensitizing chemotherapy for advanced head and neck cancer.
We analyzed twenty-one patients with newly-diagnosed or recurrent head and neck cancer treated with palliative hypofractionated concurrent chemoradiation using the QUAD-Shot regimen.
All patients received at least one cycle of RT, with sixteen patients (76%) completing all three cycles. 85.7 % of patients had objective response to therapy with five patients (23.8%) demonstrating complete response (CR) and thirteen patients (61.9%) demonstrating partial response (PR). Palliation of symptoms was achieved in all (100%) of the sixteen patients that completed the three cycles. Median overall survival and median progression-free survival were 7 and 4 months, respectively.
QUAD-Shot palliative radiation therapy coupled with radiosensitizing chemotherapy is efficacious and well-tolerated in patients with newly-diagnosed or recurrent head and neck cancer not amenable to curative therapy.

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