Special Educational Programs

Occasionally theMednet hosts special educational programs with peer to peer Q&A around topics of interest to our community which are supported by industry partners. These programs make up <2% of the Q&A on theMednet.

All Q&A from these programs are labeled, to distinguish them from standard content on the site. The partner has no input into the Q&A or the experts selected to answer the questions. Questions are subjected to our standard editorial process. Experts are chosen based on their expertise in the given topic and do not receive compensation. In recognition of their time, an in-name donation is made to their chosen cancer research charity.

The financial support provided by this sponsorship helps us run theMednet, which provides physicians a platform to share their experiential knowledge and insights on the topics being discussed. Our top priority is that the Q&A is unbiased and truthful. If you have feedback or questions about these programs, let us know at