theMednet Code of Conduct

We are proud to be part of a professional community where experts show their intellectual generosity, members are respectful and kind, and everyone is obsessively focused on delivering the best care to patients.

For all members, we have 3 simple ground rules:

  • Be helpful. theMednet is a place where we can learn from each other how to better take care of our patients. A good general rule before posting is to ask yourself: “Will my question, comment, or answer directly benefit this community?” We do not permit case-based questions because answers to cases tend to be helpful to the question-asker only, rather than to the community as a whole.
  • Be kind. We all have some knowledge gaps and it takes a lot to be vulnerable next to your peers and expose your gaps. If you don’t agree with someone’s viewpoint, express your disagreement in a way that is respectful. That is how we learn. “Calling out” members of the community or practices/institutions will not be tolerated.
  • Be open minded. There are many areas where there is no good evidence based information to guide decisions. Be open minded to new solutions. If you feel that certain posts may spread misinformation or be harmful to patients, please contact us right away.