Gynecol. Oncol. 2018 Aug 03
Molecular-integrated risk profile to determine adjuvant radiotherapy in endometrial cancer: Evaluation of the pilot phase of the PORTEC-4a trial.   
The Post-Operative Radiation Therapy in Endometrial Carcinoma (PORTEC)-4a trial is a randomized trial for women with high-intermediate risk endometrial cancer (EC), comparing individualized adjuvant treatment based on a molecular-integrated risk profile to standard adjuvant treatment; vaginal brachytherapy. To evaluate patient acceptability and pathology logistics of determining the risk profile, a pilot phase was included in the study.
PORTEC-4a is ongoing and the first 50 patients enrolled were included in the pilot phase. Primary endpoints of the pilot phase were patient acceptance, evaluated by analyzing the screening logs of the participating centers, and logistical feasibility of determination of the risk profile within 2 weeks, evaluated by analyzing the pathology database.
In the first year, 145 eligible women were informed about the trial at 13 centers, of whom 50 (35%) provided informed consent. Patient accrual ranged from 0 to 57% per center. Most common reasons for not participating were: not willing to participate in any trial (43.2%) and not willing to risk receiving no adjuvant treatment (32.6%). Analysis of the pathology database showed an average time between randomization and determination of the molecular-integrated risk profile of 10.2 days (1-23 days). In 5 of the 32 patients (15.6%), pathology review took >2 weeks.
The PORTEC-4a trial design was proven feasible with a satisfactory patient acceptance rate and an optimized workflow of the determination of the molecular-integrated risk profile. PORTEC-4a is the first randomized trial to investigate use of a molecular-integrated risk profile to determine adjuvant treatment in EC.

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