Future Oncol 2019 Apr 25
Radiologic features of pneumonitis associated with nivolumab in non-small-cell lung cancer and malignant melanoma.   
To assess the clinical features/imaging characteristics of pneumonitis reported during nationwide nivolumab postmarketing surveillance in Japan. Clinical and radiological data were collected from pneumonitis cases reported during/after nivolumab treatment for melanoma or non-small-cell lung cancer. The expert central review committee evaluated each case. Among 144 cases analyzed, 91 (63.2%) had radiological patterns considered typical for drug-induced pneumonitis and 53 (36.8%) patients had previously unobserved patterns with one or more atypical features, including 23 cases (16.0%) with ground glass opacity confined to the area around the tumor (peritumoral infiltration). A higher proportion of patients with (vs without) peritumoral infiltration had an antitumor response to nivolumab. Images of nivolumab-induced pneumonitis showed previously unobserved radiological patterns.

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Rate of pneumonitis was low in the PACIFIC trial but does it mirror the real world setting? We are seeing increased pneumonitis in our practice.