Clin Cancer Res 2022 Jan 19
The Phase II MutHER Study of Neratinib Alone and in Combination with Fulvestrant in HER2-Mutated, Non-amplified Metastatic Breast Cancer.   
HER2 mutations (HER2) induce endocrine resistance in estrogen receptor-positive (ER) breast cancer.
In this single-arm multi-cohort phase II trial, we evaluated the efficacy of neratinib plus fulvestrant in patients with ER/HER2, HER2 non-amplified metastatic breast cancer (MBC) in the fulvestrant-treated ( = 24) or fulvestrant-naïve cohort ( = 11). Patients with ER-negative (ER)/HER2 MBC received neratinib monotherapy in an exploratory ER cohort ( = 5).
The clinical benefit rate [CBR (95% confidence interval)] was 38% (18%-62%), 30% (7%-65%), and 25% (1%-81%) in the fulvestrant-treated, fulvestrant-naïve, and ER cohorts, respectively. Adding trastuzumab at progression in 5 patients resulted in three partial responses and one stable disease ≥24 weeks. CBR appeared positively associated with lobular histology and negatively associated with HER2 L755 alterations. Acquired HER2 were detected in 5 of 23 patients at progression.
Neratinib and fulvestrant are active for ER/HER2 MBC. Our data support further evaluation of dual HER2 blockade for the treatment of HER2 MBC.

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