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What are outpatient strategies to mitigate taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy?   

Are there any protocols in place? Aside from telling patients to use ice packs or bags or immerse hands/feet in ice water baths from 15" before to 15" after chemotherapy, are there any other cooling devices on the market that anyone would recommend? Is anyone routinely recommending this for patients at high risk of chemo induced sensory neuropathy due to pre diabetes/diabetes/underlying neuropathy?

Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Community Practice
Medical Oncologist at Breastlink Medical Group
I allow myself to be less evidence based and more ...
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Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Academic Institution
Medical Oncologist at SBLHS
Thanks. Can you explain this more in detail? How d...
Medical Oncologist at Colorado Permanente Medical Group Hematology & Oncology
Thanks to all for the helpful comments. It's good ...
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