Do you need to wait for estradiol and FSH levels to normalize before you can switch from tamoxifen to an AI for a pre-menopausal woman with ER+ breast cancer?  

What steps should be taken when switching premenopausal women from tamoxifen to AI? In this case, the change is due to newly discovered endometrial thickening. Do you discontinue tamoxifen, start your GnRH agonist, then check if estradiol and FSH levels are in post menopausal range before you can start AI treatment? 

Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Academic Institution
Medical Oncologist at New York University Cancer Center
Do you really have to wait after the GnRh agonist ...
Medical Oncologist at NYU Langone Medical Center
My understanding is that endometrial thickening is...
Medical Oncologist at Indiana University Simon Cancer Center
I agree with the above that endometrial thickening...
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