Do you recommend starting an antiplatelet for primary prophylaxis in post splenectomy thrombocytosis given there is some increased risk of venous thrombosis?  

If so, what platelet count threshold would you use? Would age impact your decision? Would you do a bone marrow to rule out primary MPD in adults if they test negative on blood for JAK2 with reflex to Exon 12-14, CALR and MPL mutations?

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Medical Oncologist at Onc San Antonio
Thank you, Dr. @Jerry Spivak. 
at Johns Hopkins University
Thank you for your interest Dr. @Navneet Mittal.
Medical Oncologist at Mercy Clinic Oncology - Fort Smith
@Jerry Spivak- Hereditary spherocytosis patient ha...
at Johns Hopkins University
Post-splenectomy thrombocytosis is an expected phe...
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