Have the presented results of GOG 249 at ASTRO 2017 changed management of early stage uterine papillary serous cancers from chemo +VC/EBRT to pelvic RT only?  

Type II endometrial cancers made up roughly 15% of GOG 249 the study population, but seemed to be balanced between both arms. 

Single institution reports have found very low rates of isolated local VC or pelvic relapse for patients with early stage UPSC or clear cell endometrial carcinoma treated with VBT alone (often following systemic therapy) :PMID 24055615—MSKCC (UPSC only), PMID: 23262378--Harvard, PMID: 22543202--Mayo Clinic). However, for the those patients in these series that did not receive systemic therapy, the distant relapse rates were low.  Certainly, there may be selection bias as a part of this given the retrospective nature. 

That being said, the appeal of limiting toxlicty by avoiding sysemtic therapy and treating with pelvic RT only based of GOG 249 is very appealing.


Answer from: Radiation Oncologist at Academic Institution
Radiation Oncologist at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center - Summit Campus
This has come up in our tumor board recently as we...
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