Would you offer adjuvant chemotherapy for 1-3 node positive HR+, HER2 negative breast cancer with Mammaprint low risk to a young, pre-menopausal patient?  

Based on MINDACT update from 2020, a 5% difference in DMFS for patients 50 years or younger was noted, favoring treatment with chemotherapy (93.6%; 95% CI, 89.3% – 96.3% vs 88.6%; 95% CI, 83.5 – 92.3%)

Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Academic Institution
Medical Oncologist at Presbyterian Healthcare Services
Wondering why TC x 6, not 4 cycles in that case? T...
Medical Oncologist at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
Agree with further discussion/question regarding T...
Medical Oncologist at Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute
We just do not have any evidence to show that TC x...
Medical Oncologist at Clinical Instructor
For more on TC x 4 instead of TC x 6, you can look...
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Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Community Practice
Medical Oncologist at Augusta Oncology Associates
Will the plan be different for patients younger th...
Medical Oncologist at Private Practice and Digital Health
Same approach to older premenopausal patients with...
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