Would you offer local therapy to a patient with GEJ adenocarcinoma with FDG-avid para-aortic node oligometastasis?  

For nodes just inferior to the celiac/SMA axis and no other distant metastatic disease? Stage is formally M1, but just barely. The patient is otherwise reasonably healthy and in their 50s. Would you proceed with chemoRT +/- surgery?

Answer from: Radiation Oncologist at Community Practice
Radiation Oncologist at Ashland Radiation Oncology, Inc.
I have a > 30-year-old male with distal esophag...
Radiation Oncologist at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
As a general “rule of thumb”, I strong...
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Answer from: Radiation Oncologist at Academic Institution
Radiation Oncologist at West Virginia University
Although it is compelling to think that induction ...
Radiation Oncologist at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
Retrospective data seems to point to yes, although...
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