Head and Neck Cancers   

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Would you consider it for a patient with good PS but with limited metastatic disease? What dose fractionation would you prefer?

Do you encourage patients to take a break from/stop taking Fosamax or similar medications for their osteopenia or osteoporosis in order to prevent dev...

Is there any evidence that this improves outcomes over a more simple and cost effective follow up of careful physical examination and checking a perio...

Do you treat patients who are clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid?

If a patient had a recurrence that was pathologically proven despite negative idodine scans, what imaging scans would you follow up with for surveilla...

In the case of a partial resection with focal perineural invasion, but no lymphadenectomy due to severe fibrosis from prior radio-ablation for hyperth...

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Cancer, 2001-12-01

Cancer discovery, 2015-07

J Immunother Cancer,

Int J Part Ther, 2021 Summer