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Would you consider it for a patient with good PS but with limited metastatic disease? What dose fractionation would you prefer?

NCCN cervical cancer guidelines added a new statement - Patients who have received prior pelvic radiation therapy and have osteoporosis may benef...

If a patient has been treated sucessfully for Graves but has persistent symptoms of diplopia, is radiation therapy helpful? Or is this just a dry and ...

Do you encourage patients to take a break from/stop taking Fosamax or similar medications for their osteopenia or osteoporosis in order to prevent dev...

My understanding is that this risk is exceedingly rare even with treatment in and around the stalk and hypothalamus. 

Is there any evidence that this improves outcomes over a more simple and cost effective follow up of careful physical examination and checking a perio...

Does it matter whether the intracranial lesions have been treated with whole brain or SRS/SRT?

Do you treat patients who are clinically hypothyroid but biochemically euthyroid?

If a patient had a recurrence that was pathologically proven despite negative idodine scans, what imaging scans would you follow up with for surveilla...

In the case of a partial resection with focal perineural invasion, but no lymphadenectomy due to severe fibrosis from prior radio-ablation for hyperth...

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