For rectal adenocarcinoma initially staged as T2N0 and treated with upfront surgical resection, but pathologically upstaged to pT3N0 without high risk features, how do you approach adjuvant therapy?  

How do you counsel patients on the benefit of adjuvant therapy who thought surgical resection was curative?

Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Community Practice
Medical Oncologist at LSU Health Sciences Center
Are there any predictors for this upstaging? 
Medical Oncologist at The Christ Hospital Network
Great explanation and very helpful. Thanks
Medical Oncologist at Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute
Dr. @Steven J. Cohen, could you explain your ratio...
Radiation Oncologist at Academic Radiation Oncology
Why would the location of the tumor in the rectum ...
Medical Oncologist at Kettering Cancer Center
How would you manage a T2N0 well differentiated ad...
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