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Vulvar Cancer   

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Margins widely negative - 1cm, and full bilateral inguinofemoral lymphadenectomy performed. 

In an elderly woman who is not felt to be a good candidate for radical surgery is split course radiation alone an option for definitive intent radiati...

Vulvar cancer is well differentiated. Closest margin is 6mm. LVI is identified T1b N2c Vaginal cancer treated 20 yrs ago described as 5 cm in length...

The patient had an initial partial vulvectomy and nodal dissection 6 years prior to recurrence, with no adjuvant RT offered initially due to lack of c...

Should these patients be managed similar to p16 positive anal squamous cell carcinoma, and allowed six months or more for complete regression before c...

Surgeon is not planning vulvectomy, since biopsies showed 2 mm depth of invasion. Also tumor board felt dose to the primary site should be only about...

For definitive vulvar ca, is 5940 cGy the minimum acceptable dose for gross disease? 5760cGy? Or should the dose be escalated beyond 60Gy?

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