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Dose is change based off of the radiation toxicity, such as poor wound healing vs radiation proctitis? What is the minimum amount of time that you wou...

Specifically with reference to rural settings where the logistics of early in the week delivery may be more challenging.

Would you change your dosing or dosing fractionation (45/25 vs 50.4/28 vs 46/23)? Would you try to adjust your fields?

There is increasing technology available (ie flattening filter-free beams) to substantially increase dose rate.

For example, would you counsel against breast conserving therapy for a woman exposed to fallout from the Chernobyl disaster or a downwinder?

Is there data supporting the idea that chemotherapy must be onboard prior to delivering radiation for maximal radiosensitization (particularly for hea...

Is there any consensus regarding the optimal RT dose, fractionation, and timing to the best abscopal response? What is the optimal metastatic site to ...

Do you feel that it must start on day 1 with RT, as strict as even 4h prior to RT (recommended by some folks for maximal “Radiosensitization&rdq...

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