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I.e. platelet count <30. Would your management change if HIT were only suspected rather than confirmed?  

Provided that the platelet count is normal, do you usually consider this to be a potential erroneous result or do you pursue additional workup for RBC...

Such as the case in which a patient is unresponsive to steroids, IVIG, TPO-agonist, rituximab, splenectomy, and even fostamitinib.

How often do you monitor ADAMTS-13 levels off therapy?

For example, do we prefer one regimen over the other in patients with a bleeding history or who have relapsed after a lengthy remission?

Does having a concurrent consumptive process e.g. DIC change your management? 

Would you consider high-dose dexamethasone (deliberating adverse effects of antenatal steroids) or move to next-line therapies?

At what point would you recommend transfusion? At what point would you stop radiation?

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