For what duration should abiraterone be used in a patient with biochemical and pelvic node recurrence (N1M0) who had prior definitive therapy with either RP or RT?  

Do you feel comfortable stopped abiraterone after 2 years? 

Answer from: Radiation Oncologist at Academic Institution
Radiation Oncologist at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
My apologies, as this is a bit unrelated to the in...
Medical Oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering
I agree with this interpretation of the literature...
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Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Community Practice
Radiation Oncologist at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
I believe STAMPEDE did 2 yrs when combined with XR...
Radiation Oncologist at University of Texas at Tyler
The study's design is anfractuous. From the paper...
Radiation Oncologist at Lafayette Radiation Center
I disagree; it depends on if the patient is gettin...
Medical Oncologist at Pacific Urol Inst
Stop ADT when the testosterone is <50 and resum...
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