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E.g. Normal F8, VWF activity ~50%, VWF antigen ~100%, ratio 0.5 sent in a patient with positive bleeding history Is there any clinical significance t...

Patient with high titer acquired FVIII inhibitor with no causative etiology.  Bleeding is well-controlled on emicizumab, but inhibitor has failed...

Have you used anticoagulants other than coumadin? Or is that the only appropriate agent given monitoring is based on PT/INR?

The use of anti-fibrinolytics is typically contraindicated in DIC, but does it have benefit in DIC states characterized by hyperfibrinolysis?

In a patient with severe factor XII deficiency with a baseline prolonged PTT, what is the best method to monitor their ACT or heparin levels when on c...

Especially in a patient without hemophilia or thrombosis history?

How would you treat metastatic, unresectable, solitary fibrous tumor in a patient with mild hemophilia A? Each anti-VEGF medication comes with a warni...

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