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Are you employing more or less primary chemoRT v. surgery for some cancers? Are you dose de-escalating? What are issues radiation oncologists should b...

I am considering every 6 week pembrolizumab dosing in patients >70 years old in whom I want to reduce clinic visits for, especially in the context ...

For patients with low risk, early stage, hormone receptor positive, HER2 negative breast cancer who initiated endocrine therapy in order to delay thei...

What if the patient has a history of confirmed COVID-19 but has since recovered?

Would you consider genomic assays before neoadjuvant chemotherapy? How would you modify your treatment given the COVID-19 pandemic?

I know many centers are exercising extra precautions in light of the new concerns with coronavirus. How are people explaining things to their patients...

Due to the apparent thrombogenic risk of COVID-19, would you consider holding tamoxifen in patients who test positive?

What are the risks of infection with COVID-19 if using immunotherapy?  

For example, would you consider switching to an outpatient regimen in lieu of AIM for metastatic soft tissue sarcoma?

Should staging and treatment decisions be made based on imaging alone?

Would the recommendation differ based on HR+ vs. TNBC vs HER2+ classification? Would you recommend against immediate breast reconstruction?

Given that majority of benefit is derived from the capecitabine, would this be an acceptable option to decrease patient contact with the healthcare sy...

How would you approach a patient who is receiving chemoRT but has confirmed COVID-19 with minor symptoms, as breaking treatment for 2 weeks quarantine...

Personally, my practice is to guide patients directly to surgery or to do neoadjuvant chemotherapy rather than to do neoadjuvant endocrine therapy, bu...

When a physical exam is important and telehealth is not a good option, should we be proactive and reschedule or should we continue to see them as sche...

Mitigating the spread of COVID-19 is of utmost priority now that containment measures have failed. Social distancing will help "flatten the curve" of ...

Would you forego neoadjuvant chemotherapy? Are you using growth factor support differently? Any changes to immunotherapy? Other considerations?

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