Pituitary Disorders   

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If not, what can be possible causes for a postmenopausal woman to have FSH, LH < 0.3 with low E2, and being asymptomatic and doing well otherwise? ...

Can a diagnosis of acromegaly be made with just an elevated IGF-1 level in patients with features of acromegaly?

If so, how long should OCPs be held to reliably trust the dex suppression test results?

And is there a preferred diagnostic test? Whenever cyclic hypercortisolemia is suspected, it is advised that evaluation should be repeated for months,...

The female patient is in her late 70s with cardiac disease (likely due to chronic hyperthyroidism that was missed due to non-suppressed TSH). I’...

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The lancet. Diabetes & endocrinology, 2021 Oct 20