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Do the results of the unplanned subset analysis of the PACIFIC trial showing no OS benefit in this population lean you away from consolidation?

In patients who have a mixed response or progression and are poor candidates for other systemic agents, would you consider consolidating the chest? Wo...

One example of this scenario would be a patient receiving consolidative durvalumab after chemoRT for stage III NSCLC who develops a new peripheral lun...

How do you prescribe a steroid taper? If it is grade 2, would you keep them on low dose prednisone while continuing? When do you feel comfortable re-c...

Rate of pneumonitis was low in the PACIFIC trial but does it mirror the real world setting? We are seeing increased pneumonitis in our practice.

I recently saw a patient who had been treated with concurrent pembrolizumab-RT elsewhere. Is this an acceptable practice outside the setting of a clin...

These patients have been largely excluded from these trials.  What if the infection is well controlled?

If not what radiation fractionation regimen is preferred for otherwise good KPS patient? 

Is there any consensus regarding the optimal RT dose, fractionation, and timing to the best abscopal response? What is the optimal metastatic site to ...

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