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Is there any further benefit of hyperthermia monotherapy, for example, continuation of hyperthermia after the course of radiation has completed?

Does the time interval between the intial RT and recurrence influence your decision? What time interval would you feel is appropriate? What dose would...

How does grade, margin status, and previous radiation dose factor into the recommendation? 

Assuming CSF is negative for neoplastic cells would you: Re-irradiate gross disease only? Re-irradiate posterior fossa only? Re-irradiate the entir...

Do you assume some recovery since the prior course of RT? If so, how much over what time period?

What dose fractionation and volume do you use? What factors influence your decision?

If the patient had RT 3 months prior and had a revision surgery, would you offer RT again? If so, which dose and fractionation would you use?

Does your recommendation change depending on the disease-free interval?

For example, would you treat the entire length of the femur after prophylactic intramedullary rod fixation for a femoral neck metastasis?

If a WHO II glioma was treated with RT and recurs and is now a WHO III glioma would you retreat with radiation?  What would be your target volume...

If a patient has increasing FLAIR and T1 enhancing activity, should both be included in the treatment volume? What factors to you consider in making y...

Is there any literature supporting that a gentle fractionation/bid regimen (i.e., 1.5Gy bid x 30 = 45Gy) is safer than a standard fractionation  ...

Eight years after brachytherapy for a low risk prostate cancer, a patient has unresectable high grade squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder. Should I...

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