What is your approach to the management of hot flashes in a patient who wants to use herbal medicine?  

Do you allow patients with breast cancer on tamoxifen to use black cohosh?

Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Academic Institution
Medical Oncologist at NYU Winthrop Hospital
GINSENG for hot flashes.
Medical Oncologist at Alvin & Lois Lapidus Cancer Institute Northwest Hospital
Can you please comment on the efficacy and dosing ...
Radiation Oncologist at Sacred Heart Cancer Center
I would personally discourage the use of SSRI and ...
Radiation Oncologist at Radiation Oncology Consultants
I recommend magnesium glycinate 400mg at night and...
Radiation Oncologist at Sletten Center Radiation Therapy
Elsewhere on theMednet, gabapentin 300 mg qHS has ...
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Answer from: Medical Oncologist at Community Practice
Medical Oncologist at Valley Med Onc
The few randomized trials looking at the efficacy ...
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