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Are you concerned about cases where radiation has to be started urgently before leukapheresis?

In a patient who relapsed following 2nd line transplant, how do you select CAR-T vs bispecifics vs non-T-cell-mediated therapies as outlined in NCCN? ...

Do you speak to different expectations re: ability to achieve PR/CR and/or how this will impact ability to get to later therapies for a patient with p...

What influences your decision to proceed with palliative vs. definitive, and standard vs. hypofractionation dosing regimens?

Would you prefer CAR-T or bi-specific or neither? If CAR-T, how do you approach lymphodepletion? 

Given the results of ZUMA-7, TRANSFORM, and BELINDA - how does this inform your current practice? What are the currently approved indications for CAR-...

CAR-T (any specific preference of product?) vs bispecific antibodies vs any other specific agents not previously utilized?

Do you limit it to post-pubertal patients? Do you offer it only if they will proceed with bone marrow transplantation after CAR-T?

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