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The patient has also acquired mutations in BCR-ABL, namely p.Met244Val, (c.730A>G); 3.7%, which may confer resistance, and p.Phe359Cys, (c.1076T>...

There are conflicting reports whether it contributes to renal insufficiency. If you do switch, what is your preferred TKI in this scenario?

For instance, do you ever start with dasatinib 50 mg daily?  Are there any titration schedules that you follow?

if so, are there specific cytogenetic, molecular, clinical, or hematologic factors that you take into consideration?

Thrombosis was ruled out and no etiology was found.  Would you start ponatinib back at a lower dose, transition to omacetaxine or begin transplan...

Drug information indicates a patient may need 3-4 months off TKI. This seems like a long time off drug. Would a MMR of a certain duration make it less...

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