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Many of the patients on ASCENT trial were heavily pre-treated and require growth factors. With the day 1,8 treatment cycle, is there a way to minimize...

Does this change for PDL1 1-49% vs >50%? Will you be more likely to employ other checkpoint inhibitors before use of HER2 targeting therapy? Or sta...

Are there other treatment variations by clinical subsets (eg tumor location, histology, stage II vs III, other biomarkers) seen in CM577 or other data...

CheckMate 577 only included patients with R0 resection.For R1 resections, guidelines suggest observation vs re-resection only.  

How are you thinking about sequencing therapies for these patients (IO vs chemo vs T-Dxd)? Are the data from DESTINY-Lung01 strong enough to warrant e...

Can patients be re-challenged after developing ILD? Is the toxicity seen with T-Dxd a potential barrier to use?  Do you feel the dosing used in...

Given seemingly improved efficacy in ASCENT patients who had less prior treatment, would you consider use after only one prior agent rather than two?&...

Are there specific patient cohorts in whom you will more preferentially use sacituzumab govitecan? Can data from ASCENT be applied to patients with C...

To what degree do you factor in patient preference when choosing among available treatments? Are there features of each regimen that you emphasize in ...

E.g., MPO vs PR3, newly diagnosed vs relapsed, renal involvement. Acknowledge that the ADVOCATE study was not powered to detect these differences, but...

Conversely: In a patient with N2 EGFR+ NSCLC receiving radiation, would you still consider use of osimertinib?

What was the magnitude of benefit for patients with EGFRm NSCLC by stage?  Are you still considering adjuvant osimertinib for patients with earl...

Is data available regarding the percentages of patients in each arm who underwent staging PET or the breakdown of CNS imaging modalities?

If patients do recur, do you perform these tests on the initial surgical specimen or on tissue from a fresh biopsy (or both?)

Are the rates of adjuvant chemotherapy used in ADAURA consistent with real-world practice?

What parameters do you use to decide to treat beyond progression? Is there any efficacy data from this specific study subgroup in IMbrave150?

In light of the SIRveNIB trial results and now IMbrave150, what is the role of intra-arterial therapy now?

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