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Are there certain patient subgroups for whom you would use the IO+PARPi? Is there data from DUO-E regarding BRCA status and its potential impact on ...

If yes, would you apply this broadly or reserve the addition of IO to chemotherapy for patients with high-risk histologies (e.g., carcinosarcoma) or o...

Are there patients for whom you would still reserve IO for salvage/recurrent setting (eg IO + lenvatinib)? Would you base this on MMR status or other ...

Since there is no overlap between chemo regimens for these cancers, how would you sequence treatment? 

Does the patient's MMR status affect your opinions? What is/are your current preferred second-line regimen(s)? 

Given the crossover that occurred in the various clinical trials and the potential for prolonged disease duration, how do you integrate OS, PFS, treat...

If you do not use the PORTEC-3 regimen for p53 mutated IA endometrial cancer, what specific protocol or combination of chemotherapy and radiation ther...

There is evidence that parents do not adequately understand the purpose of phase I pediatric cancer trials (Cousino et al., PMID 23071225). 

What factors influence whether you treat an elective nodal volume vs gross nodal volume (plus a small margin) in the setting of oligometastatic or oli...

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