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There was a recall on viscous lidocaine and many of our patients cannot find it. What would you recommend as alternatives?

How do you counsel patients and caregivers? Do you prescribe medications (''appetite stimulants'') with the goal to improve appetite even if they do n...

Assuming patient is <45 years old with cervical, vulvar, vaginal, anal, or head/neck cancers, or with CIN/VIN/VaIN/AIN/oropharyngeal precancerous l...

Is this an artifact of what agent prior clinical trials used or something to do with the mechanism of action (i.e., less mineralocorticoid effect of d...

Please specify how your institution is allocating resources now or will be soon.

How do you "have the talk" in a way that is straightforward without emotionally crushing the patient?

How is your approach different from or similar to those who undergo surgical menopause? 

In patients who continue to have insomnia despite diphenhydramine, benzos, and trazodone, are there other evidence based treatments that are helpful?

What is the impact among patients and providers? Has your documentation been adjusted now that patients can readily review?

s/p optimal debulking. If this was an early-stage cancer would it change your adjuvant therapy recommendations?

Would your counseling change if she reported a history of unplanned pregnancy? Is there any wording or waiver you might be able to use warning her of ...

Would you have reservations in treating patients with breast, GI, or pelvic malignancies with radiation alone or concurrent chemoradiation?

Specifically, are there strategies you use to 1) empower patients to participate in decision-making and 2) reassure patients who may be skeptical?

There are mixed recommendations about re-testing vs simply waiting for a quarantine period prior to resuming therapy. 

After optimizing symptoms and reversible factors, and attempting cognitive-behavioral interventions and exercise, do you recommend pharmacologic agent...

Obviously, patient and caregiver preferences are paramount. But, what factors do you consider? Does expanded hospice (e.g., Medicare Care Choices) inf...

How would you approach a patient who is receiving chemoRT but has confirmed COVID-19 with minor symptoms, as breaking treatment for 2 weeks quarantine...

How do you prevent early menopause in women? Please comment on freezing of eggs, oophopexy, supine vs prone position, vaginal dialator. 

My patient’s family has asked that I don’t tell her that she has metastatic cancer because it will devastate her. I am planning on palliat...

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