Stage III NSCLC   

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Will degree of PD-L1 status impact your decision? Would you ever offer to stage IB patients as per study enrollment?  Do AJCC v8 staging guideli...

Do you initially start with systemic therapy alone or do you proceed directly to chemo-radiation? 

Do you aim to give a total of 26 doses or do you stop at one year from first dose no matter how many were given?

How do you prescribe a steroid taper? If it is grade 2, would you keep them on low dose prednisone while continuing? When do you feel comfortable re-c...

Do you recommend or make any modifications in the PACIFIC regimen for patients > 75 years of age?

Do you feel it is important to start durvalumab within 14 days of completing cCRT?  What real life challenges do you face in doing so and wh...

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