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Does the type of autoimmune disease (ex IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, interstitial lung disease) matter?

Do the results of the unplanned subset analysis of the PACIFIC trial showing no OS benefit in this population lean you away from consolidation?

Do you have a BMI threshold where you would convert to weight-based dosing over flat dosing? Are certain agents of more or less concern - PD-1, PD-L1,...

I've seen a handful of fatal radiation pneumonitis associated with rapid steroid tapers by the non-treating physicians. How do you recommend prescribi...

I recently saw a patient who had been treated with concurrent pembrolizumab-RT elsewhere. Is this an acceptable practice outside the setting of a clin...

Is it necessary to test CPS given the FDA approvals are not contingent on CPS %?  If you do test, do you check 28-8 (nivolumab), 22C3 (pembroliz...

Do you view CPS < 1% or 1-4% separately? Do you view the incremental benefit of adding immunotherapy still advantageous given relatively poor outco...

Do you go by FDA approval alone, or incorporate other data into your treatment decisions?  How do you view updated recent presentation of CM-649 ...

If a patient is asymptomatic at presentation, how do you incorporate local treatment options (RT/surgery) and when?

For medical oncologists, would you offer a PD-1/L1 inhibitor? For other subspecialties, how would you counsel the oncologist regarding the risk of usi...

How do you weigh the various efficacy endpoints in the trials of novel combinations in ccRCC?  Are there specific clinical populations that you ...

The patient was started on chemoimmunotherapy 3 years ago. Recent scans show small treated brain metastases (s/p RT several years ago) and no disease ...

One example of this scenario would be a patient receiving consolidative durvalumab after chemoRT for stage III NSCLC who develops a new peripheral lun...

How do you manage the initial event, including length of steroid taper and the role of pancreatic enzyme monitoring? What is your experience of subse...

I am considering every 6 week pembrolizumab dosing in patients >70 years old in whom I want to reduce clinic visits for, especially in the context ...

What if the patient has a history of confirmed COVID-19 but has since recovered?

How do you prescribe a steroid taper? If it is grade 2, would you keep them on low dose prednisone while continuing? When do you feel comfortable re-c...

In patients who have a mixed response or progression and are poor candidates for other systemic agents, would you consider consolidating the chest? Wo...

Do you re-challenge with nivolumab alone, change from nivo 1/ipi 3 to nivo 3/ipi 1 upon re-challenge, or stop immunotherapy altogether if grade 3?&nbs...

For instance, not chronic autoimmune diseases (eg RA, IBD) that may relapse/remit but events like Guillan Barre syndrome that is not likely to recur b...

Particularly if steroids are used for non-immunotherapy toxicities (COPD exacerbation, brain edema, autoimmune diseases to name a few) -- when do you ...

Would you be more or less likely to use a cisplatin-containing regimen if a patient had previously responded to chemoradiation with concurrent cisplat...

Rate of pneumonitis was low in the PACIFIC trial but does it mirror the real world setting? We are seeing increased pneumonitis in our practice.

Should this be done at the time of recurrence or after failure of 1st line therapy for recurrence?

With increasing utility of immunotherapy across cancer types, patients with history of solid organ transplants may face need for cancer IO. How do you...

The FDA has approved the new dosing schedule of Nivolumab 480 mg every 4 weeks for multiple disease sites (melanoma, RCC, urothelial carcinoma, SCC of...

Would starting with chemotherapy be preferred in this situation and consider concurrent radiation, then switch over to Pembrolizumab once some control...

There are now five PD-1/PDL-1 inhibitors approved for metastatic bladder CA, one (Atezolizumab) as first-line therapy in cisplatin-ineligible patients...

These patients have been largely excluded from these trials.  What if the infection is well controlled?

Would you ever considering re-starting immunotherapy before completing the taper? According to the new guildelines on managing immunotherapy related ...

How do the different assays compare when choosing a specific immunotherapy, and does this change for first vs second (or beyond) line of therapy?

What immunosuppressive agents are used and in what order?  Does your approach differ depending on the organ involved, e.g. colitis vs. pneumoniti...

Does the extent/duration of systemic disease control (complete response vs. stable disease, for example) influence your decision?  What about whe...

Does the risk of severe inflammation of the liver lead you to choose other therapies in in this population?  What about in patients with mild liv...

If not what radiation fractionation regimen is preferred for otherwise good KPS patient? 

For patients who remain fit and interested in treatment, but for whom a clinical trial is not an option, what systemic therapy do you reach for in thi...

Based on recently published data from CheckMate 032, do you now offer nivolumab to small cell patients who have progressed after first-line chemothera...

If so, how do you sequence this with other therapies?  In addition, in the absence of an effect on radiographic PFS or serum PSA, how do you asse...

In the IMvigor 210 trial, increased PD-L1 expression in patients’ tumors was associated with response to atezolizumab, but some patients whose t...

Is there any consensus regarding the optimal RT dose, fractionation, and timing to the best abscopal response? What is the optimal metastatic site to ...

For example, should nivolumab be considered standard second-line therapy for adenocarcinoma patients?   Can it be considered for first-line thera...

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