Movement disorders   

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For example, patients with spasticity due to hypoxic or anoxic brain injury.

Particularly when ondansetron and taking it with food are not beneficial.

Do you charge for it? Do you bring them in to complete the paperwork? or do you send them to PT for Functional Capacity Evaluation ?

How do you treat medically refractory sleep related movement disorder in patients who has failed medical management with dopamine agonists, gabapentin...

Do EMG studies such as myoclonus or tremor studies change your management?

Is there a clinical scenario in which using the 10mg/100mg Carbidopa/Levodopa formulation is preferred to or more beneficial than using the more commo...

Especially forms of non-pharmacologic treatment, such as physical therapy or special devices.

When should we consider getting DaT scan in patient suspecting of Parkinsonism syndrome? 

We often use abdominal binders and compression stockings, in addition to hydration and midodrine/fludricortisone. However, are there more targeted the...

How do you manage botulinum toxin injections in a patient with cervical dystonia after getting implanted with DBS?

The most frequently taught cause of asterixis is hepatopathy and of course hepatic encephalopathy, and has other close associations (ie, uremia), I ha...

How do you manage freezing of gait in Parkinson disease when dopaminergic therapy worsens the freezing phenomenon?

Do you just see if the tremors are more associated with action versus static tremors? What are other clinical characteristics that can be helpful to c...

Given the bleak prognosis in HD, how do you decide which patients will benefit from DBS to treat the chorea?

How do you manage ADHD in patients with Tourette syndrome in order to prevent exacerbating the tics such as with medications like Aderall?

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