Antiphospholipid Syndrome   

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Patient with negative blood cultures, completed 6 weeks of IV antibiotics and vegetation persists. CT imaging without evidence of malignancy. No evide...

If so, would you start immediately or wait for the second set of labs to confirm before initiating blood thinners?

Significant history of autoimmune diseases and DVT in family, recent PE/DVT for a month

Do you wait 12 weeks for confirmation to begin treatment if patient is declining?

If work-up is sent and the patient is found to have a persistently positive antiphospholipid antibody, particularly lupus anticoagulant, would you con...

If so, is there one type of antibody that is more likely to cause this false positive test? 

What is the risk of pregnancy loss in absence of anticoagulation? What would you suggest if the patient had anticoagulation in prior pregnancies and r...

Do you routinely check IgA anticardiolipin and beta-2 glycoprotein antibody IgA in your practice? And how would a positive result change your manageme...

What if the patient is triple-positive or has continued seropositivity on repeat lab testing? What is the appropriate interval of monitoring and does ...

While low-dose aspirin for primary thrombosis prevention in aPL without APS is not typically recommended outside cardiovascular prevention guidelines ...

Especially in a triple-positive patient with an acute ischemic stroke who may have urgency for anticoagulation with high bleeding risk and severe thro...

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