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Patient developed atrial fibrillation on Ibrutinib, severe fatigue and intolerance to Zanubrutinib and a maculopapular rash (grade 2) on Acalabrutinib

Do you worry about their marrow reserve and response to neulasta in terms of lymphocytosis and decreased ANC response?

Would you continue ibrutinib even if they are placed on anti-platelet therapy such as clopidogrel or ticagrelor? When do you switch to an altern...

It is understood that the trial's experience was to keep on treatment indefinitely until progression or unacceptable toxicity. We are asking about rea...

How would your choice of therapy differ (if at all) for high vs low risk disease? Would the specific anti-platelet agents used influence your choice ...

What VAF burden would be considered significant prognostically or for treatment decisions?

Does this data change your preferred first line treatment regimens when considering other options such as mAb combos, cytotoxic chemotherapy?

Is the non-inferiority margin of 1.429 sufficient, how was this selected? Is the open label (rather than blinded) study design of any concern? Is th...

Can experts comment on fungal pneumonia risk with individual BTK inhibitors as seen in ELEVATE-RR and whether this impacts their management decisions?

Do you feel comfortable with BTK inhibitors in these patients? In ELEVATE-RR patients on a/c were excluded, and rate of atrial fibrillation in the ac...

For instance, would you discontinue when there is resolution of adenopathy and normalization of counts? If so, do you overlap ibrutinib with other the...

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