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Patients sometimes ask for annual urinalysis and ultrasound to monitor, but it is unclear if this is indicated.

The ASH 2020 guidelines have "recommended that adults with HbSS or HbSβ0 thalassemia be screened at least once for silent cerebral infarcts even ...

What can you recommend that might help keep them out of the hospital? Do you consider a program of exchange transfusions in this situation?

If hydroxyurea modifies the course of sickle cell disease by increasing fetal hemoglobin, is there any benefit to using it in patients with fetal hemo...

Please comment on temperature recommendations and role of exchange transfusion. 

While L-glutamine has minimal side effects and would likely be added after hydrea, how do you decide between the use of voxelotor and crizanlizumab?

Also is there value in using voxelotor for the purpose of reducing hemolysis, and if so what parameters do you use to determine when to initiate voxel...

Hydroxyurea is demonstrated to reduce complications and improve long-term outcomes in severe genotypes HbSS and sickle beta0 thalassemia. What clinica...

While building a trusting patient-physician relationship, what therapies could be discussed that may be aligned with naturopathic medicine? (i.e. L-gl...

What are your target goals during transfusion, either prophylactically or during acute complication? Does your management change between vaginal deliv...

Has your medical practice taken any steps either in community outreach or within the clinic to show support for this medically vulnerable population, ...

What is the lowest level you have seen with uncomplicated or complicated crises?

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