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Anal cancer guidelines mostly refer to anal canal tumors with less information about tumors of skin in perianal area (ie true anal margin). Would IMR...

5FU/mitomycin C or 5FU/cisplatin? Is there any benefit of cisplatin in terms of skin toxicity?  

For example, a patient with cervical or anal SCC who has missed many treatments due to side effects, low blood counts, hospitalizations, or non-compli...

In a lesion <2.5 cm from anal verge arising in a tubulovillous adenoma, does the data from Taylor, et. al. Red Journal 2001 apply? 

While the Nigro/Wayne state regimen consisting of Mito C &  5FU is well stablished for squamous cell carcinoma of the anus/perianal tissue, a...

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