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Small cell lung cancer   

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If you are using a standard 30/10 fractionation, is there a benefit to keeping chemo on board for radio-sensitization?

If yes, do you recommend it be given concurrently with chemotherapy or sequentially? What is your target volume and dose?

As a for instance, a centrally located primary tumor with mediastinal adenopathy that results in a TE fistula? Currently we would recommend esophagea...

Does it factor into your decision making in the setting of restricted spirometry and normal lung volumes? Does this differ for SBRT v. chemoRT?

If a patient clearly has N1 disease with high SUV on PET, do you routinely recommend EBUS or mediastinoscopy to evaluate for N2 disease?

This has become standard practice at our institution for patients with a good performance status, with whole brain radiotherapy given after the comple...

Would you repeat PET or is it adequate to change to CT surveillance? Although surveillance PET/CT is not recommended by NCCN guidelines, these are oft...

Or would you wait to start coincident with the start of cycle 2? If a shorter time from the start of any therapy to the end of radiation (SER) is sign...

In a patient with newly diagnosed small cell lung cancer with disease limited only to the thorax would you treat with definitive chemoRT in the presen...

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