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Does a progressing kappa/lambda ratio > 100 at any point in time warrant treatment, or does one wait to treat patients in the setting of a slowly i...

For example: shorten IMiD duration each cycle, add scheduled G-CSF, add antibacterial prophylaxis, etc.

If any clinical benefit (ie. CR, PR or SD) would you consider switch maintenance avelumab, surveillance until progression, or an alternate regimen?

Molecular profiling revealed no targetable alterations, however tumor mutational burden was >10 mut/Mb.

Patient has progression of liver metastases while on pembrolzumab/axitinib. ECOG PS 1 and limited comorbidities.

What clinicopathological features would need to be present for you to recommend adjuvant chemotherapy? Would you treat pT3 disease? Any specific histo...

Specifically, would you offer salvage radiation to a patient who underwent a prostatectomy with PLND and had a post-op PSA of 12 with pathology reveal...

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