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Liver and Pancreas Tumors   

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Is there a "best" way to approach treatment of the viral infection i.e concurrently with therapy, prior to therapy, delayed or post therapy? Does this...

Would you alter your SBRT dose? How long would you hold the VEGF inhibitor before and after? Does the primary matter (e.g. NSCLC vs. colorectal)?

What features would make you more likely to recommend radiation therapy with chemotherapy?

Have you ever seen toxicity related to diaphragm dose with conventional fractionation?  

With the current data, I'm struggling to justify addition of radiation for potentially resectable disease.  If in favor of RT, do you recommend s...

When planning SBRT cases for primary liver cancers, it is very difficult to see the tumor on the non-contrast 4D scan. How do you use information from...

For cases with positive margins, do you boost to 54 Gy? If so, do you boost the entire tumor bed or only the area of the positive margin? 

I recently had a patient with unresectable disease ask for a PET before starting RT but I’m not sure there is a benefit. 

I can't convince the surgeons to refer their patients for adjuvant RT because the prospective data is messy and doesn’t seem to indicate a benef...

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