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After replacing Vitamin D, what will be your first treatment of choice? Labs including ALP and calcium levels are normal. T scores are -3 or above. Th...

A male patient in his 30s with two lumbar compression fractures (non-traumatic) and a Z-score of -2.6 in the spine, Z-score -0.5 in hips. History of 3...

Are oral bisphosphonates contraindicated with all types of bariatric procedures?

What level or additional signs/symptoms trigger a workup? What does your workup typically consist of?

Does it depend on location of radiation, length of radiation, and time since radiation?

Tibial plateau insufficiency fxs are not discussed in the guidelines for dx or treatment.

Would you consider omitting treatment if small tumor and early stage? Or would you use tamoxifen?

If you avoid parathyroid hormone-related protein analog drugs in patients with prior external beam radiation, what data is this based on?

Would you consider keeping the patient on denosumab or would switch to an anabolic agent?

Does denosumab effect knee replacement or hip replacement? Should replacement occur right before or after injection? 

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