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Do you treat with only an IV steroid pulse or do you use an oral steroid taper as well? How long of a taper do you typically use?

In addition, what formula do you use to calculate the IgG index?

Anecdotally, the diagnostic yield in these patients seems quite low, yet autoimmune encephalitis is often invoked in such patients, particularly in th...

If a patient has classic TM symptoms but a normal MRI, are there specific causes you look for?

Do you just use antibiotic prophylaxis if therapy is started prior to meningococcal vaccination?

Based on this review (Melamed and Lee, PMID 31998289), patients with MS on several DMTs may be at higher risk for certain cancers. How does this play ...

Instead of waiting for the antibody test to result, if you have a high suspicion for NMDAR encephalitis, is there a role for giving rituximab alongsid...

Do you wait for a second clinical event or start immunomodulatory therapy right away?

Specifically, what do you do if there is minimal improvement with IV steroids and/or IVIG?

Are there any specific patient populations that you are no longer routinely recommending to start B-cell depleting medications? For example, are you l...

Based on the results of the recent longitudinal analysis linking EBV infection and MS (Bjornevik et al., PMID 35025605), can negative EBV antibodies (...

Small study in pediatric PACNS have evaluated this as a potential marker (Cellucci et al., PMID 22740622)

Do you approach things differently if a rare variant like this is suspected? Is the Balo's subtype more similar to RRMS or PPMS?

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