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Recent articles regarding the use of JAK-Inhibition in RA have suggested to avoid in patients with increased CV risk.  However, RA itself is cons...

Does treatment with B-cell depletion and/or negative anti-spike antibody status despite COVID mRNA vaccination influence your decision?

Specifically, how do you treat the delayed headache, not the headache that develops during the infusion where pre-hydration and slowing down the rate ...

Dr. Charles-Schoeman presented data at ACR 21 showing that, paradoxically, there is a U-shaped relationship between inflammation and LDL levels in pat...

Would you have a different opinion based on whether it is a new therapy or an existing and previously well-tolerated therapy for the patient?

Are there specific features that suggest drug-induced uveitis versus de novo uveitis?

There is some emerging evidence that there is an inflammatory component. 

To my understanding, sm/RNP should also be positive in this situation (and one would assume a positive ANA as well)

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