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After what interval of sustained remission will you attempt to taper, and will you do so by first widening the dosing interval?

How much cummulative prednisone exposure do you tolerate and how many attempts at tapering will you pursue before considering addition of a steroid sp...

Will you initiate sarilumab as a first steroid sparing agent or will you still pursue a DMARD such as methotrexate before initiating sarilumab? To wha...

Do you universally perform baseline DEXA and Hgb A1C? How often are you obtaining routine labs?

Patient has received treatment with Rituximab and is taking hydroxychloroquine.

For example, patients who have been maintained on 5mg of prednisone for years without previous tapering attempts and the rheumatic disease is not acti...

If so, when do you recommend timing for the cataract surgery? 

And if so, what is your approach to the diagnosis?

How do you approach de-escalation or justify therapy maintenance? Do you have tiers of medications that you attempt to de-escalate first? In one parti...

The patient is on a dose of 22 mg of methotrexate weekly for severe rheumatoid arthritis. If you would discontinue the methotrexate, how long would y...

Patient with dermatomyositis on rituximab with refractory inflammatory arthritis. Intolerant of traditional DMARDs such as methotrexate, leflunomide, ...

It's been 5+ years after the first course. If you decide to re-irradiate what dosing schema would you use?

This question is part of a collaboration with RheumMadness and is specifically in reference to: Etanercept + Methotrexate.

This question is part of a collaboration with RheumMadness and is specifically in reference to: Antibodies Before SLE.

How do you differentiate symptoms related to centralized pain syndrome from possible cognitive dysfunction?

Such as Leflunomide, Sulfasalazine, Mycophenolate or Azathioprine, since all of these medications have potential to cause liver enzyme elevation and i...

Do you prefer to start with nintedanib and then add immunosuppressive agents, or give a trial of immunosuppressive medication first, then add nintedan...

Are there any instances where you would prefer a biosimilar rather than the reference product? 

Would the etiology of the thrombocytosis play a role in your decision-making?

This question is part of a collaboration with RheumMadness and is specifically in reference to:BeSt TrialMeasurement of Patient Outcomes in Arthritis

In a patient for whom rituximab is the best option for their disease management. 

Do you wait 12 weeks for confirmation to begin treatment if patient is declining?

When it seems fairly certain that this is a drug effect is it something that can just be monitored or requires a change in approach?

Do you just use antibiotic prophylaxis if therapy is started prior to meningococcal vaccination?

I.e., what constitutes well-controlled cancer, IBD, nephrotic syndrome, etc. What other diseases do you put in this category (obesity, autoimmune dise...

Does your evaluation hinge on nonresolution with warming? How extensive is your workup?

Recent articles regarding the use of JAK-Inhibition in RA have suggested to avoid in patients with increased CV risk.  However, RA itself is cons...

Does treatment with B-cell depletion and/or negative anti-spike antibody status despite COVID mRNA vaccination influence your decision?

Specifically, how do you treat the delayed headache, not the headache that develops during the infusion where pre-hydration and slowing down the rate ...

Dr. Charles-Schoeman presented data at ACR 21 showing that, paradoxically, there is a U-shaped relationship between inflammation and LDL levels in pat...

Would you have a different opinion based on whether it is a new therapy or an existing and previously well-tolerated therapy for the patient?

Are there specific features that suggest drug-induced uveitis versus de novo uveitis?

There is some emerging evidence that there is an inflammatory component. 

To my understanding, sm/RNP should also be positive in this situation (and one would assume a positive ANA as well)

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