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Vasculitis activity has been assessed with serial CTA of the chest and head/neck. She has existing right axillary artery disease and new areas of invo...

Other manifestations improved (renal function has stabilized, fatigue, arthritis, and LCV have resolved). Ophthalmologist has controlled the uveitis u...

In a patient for whom rituximab is the best option for their disease management. 

At what CD 19/20 level do you redose? Is this lab dependent?  Do you also use these levels to instruct patients when to get vaccinated?

Would the checkpoint inhibitor still work if blocking only that portion of the inflammatory cascade as opposed to more global blockade with steroids?

What are your primary and secondary agents?

Is there role for IVIG? Would you alter the dose or time course of steroid therapy?

In your experience, are there specific disease manifestations in which HLAB51 is particularly helpful?

Other than inflammatory markers and following symptoms/exam, do you need any other specific monitoring for progression to systemic disease? 

Additionally, what is the current role for temporal artery ultrasound in workup for GCA?

Do you obtain vascular imaging routinely in these cases, and if so, do you use cross-sectional or invasive angiography?

Small study in pediatric PACNS have evaluated this as a potential marker (Cellucci et al., PMID 22740622)

There are multiple difficulties that could be seen: steroids can precipitate a sickle cell crisis, vasculitis and sickle cell can produce similar clin...

E.g., MPO vs PR3, newly diagnosed vs relapsed, renal involvement. Acknowledge that the ADVOCATE study was not powered to detect these differences, but...

Given the slow recovery of nerve damage, what would you expect to see on a repeat EMG after treatment? Continued denervation or just sequelae of past ...

What if the patient has MGUS? Do patients with type 1 cryoglobulins need a bone marrow biopsy as part of the work up?

How would you label such a patient?  Would you treat differently if they have poor functional status?

This question is part of a collaboration with RheumMadness and is in reference to: Pathogenic ANCARAVE Trial

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