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What are the differences in approach to B lymphoid/myeloid and T lymphoid/myeloid MPAL?

What is the role of PD-1 inhibitors after CAR-T infusion, either as maintenance therapy or in the setting of relapsed disease? 

For patients not on study, would you consider replacing missed doses of peg with a non-asparaginase based chemotherapy?

Would you plan straight pediatric dosing using 2500 Units/m2 or a cap of 3750 Units as used in some adult ALL regimens due to excess liver/pancreas to...

Based on St. Judes, DFCI, and BFM data, COG has recently decreased the length of therapy for males with B-Cell ALL.  Can this be extrapolated to ...

With the new COG leukemia studies, it is difficult to interpret these results in the context of their clinical status and conventional MRD 

For example, if the patient was on dasatinib before relapse, would you consider other second generation or third generation TKIs?

Outcomes for these patients are dismal, so looking for any insight on how to optimize outcomes for these patients.

Do you limit it to post-pubertal patients? Do you offer it only if they will proceed with bone marrow transplantation after CAR-T?

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