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Esophageal Cancer   

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The upfront plan is to use a definitive radiation dose of 66 Gy. My reading supports the use of 5FU + cisplatin but another doctor is recommending FOL...

As a for instance, a centrally located primary tumor with mediastinal adenopathy that results in a TE fistula? Currently we would recommend esophagea...

What chemotherapy and radiation doses/fractionation would you use once the airway has been stabilized to provide reasonably safe and effective palliat...

If the patient has large, bulky nodes would you consider starting after chemotherapy for cytoreduction? Or otherwise consider replanning mid-treatment...

In the case of multiple skip lesions in the thoracic esophagus and GE junction, the PTV may encompass nearly the entire esophagus, including the supra...

I.e. Would you treat most of the normal esophagus to include a mediastinal lymph node? 

What regional lymph nodes do you include perigastric, portahepatic, periesophageal, celiac, splenic, pancreaticoduodenal, sup. mesenteric, paraesophag...

We use PET for esophageal, but not gastric cancer. GE junction seems like a grey area. 

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