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What criteria do you use to define steroid-refractory disease? Does your management different by organ system involved - GI vs skin vs other?

How do you choose between RIC compared to MAC? Is there evidence for one over the other in an otherwise healthy, young patient? Do you include hypome...

NCCN says "consider autologous HCT" while retrospective data seems to support SCT in most histologies like AITL

Have you changed your practice given BMT-CTN 1506/Morpho results? Would you utilize maintenance therapy in patients who achieve MRD- remission?

Transplant is not part of the trial but is the standard outside of the trial. A041501 is a phase III trial to evaluate the efficacy of the addition of...

How does graft source, conditioning regimen, and indication for transplant affect your decision regarding G-CSF?

What would your next line therapy be? If the patient had no matched related or unrelated donors, would you consider haploidentical transplant?

Do you incorporate PEG-asparaginase or brentuximab vedotin (for CD30-expressing malignant cells) into anthracycline-based induction regimens? Do you c...

Does your answer change based on clinical or molecular risk factors, and if so how? Does your answer change if MRD status after induction is unknown?

We know the longer we expose patients to lenalidomide, the harder collection will be. Would you collect now or switch to an alternative regimen to ach...

How does graft function play into your decision making? How do you utilize post allogeneic transplant chimerism in clinical practice? Do you obta...

CAR-T (any specific preference of product?) vs bispecific antibodies vs any other specific agents not previously utilized?

Patient in mid-30s with no major medical history presented with isolated left neck swelling. Incisional biopsy w/ HTLV1/2 associated ATLL, Ki67 of >...

How does belumosudil now fit in your approach to steroid refractory chronic graft-versus-host disease?

Are there major differences in standard conditioning and/or GVHD prophylaxis regimens utilized? Does the non-relapse mortality different significantl...

Such as patients who are frail, elderly, renally impaired? Would you consider sirolimus over cyclosporine or tacrolimus for safer nephrotoxicity prof...

If given both options, which donor would one prefer: haploidentical related donor or 7/8 mismatched unrelated donor using post transplant cyclophospha...

Both the patient's nasopharyngeal swab and stem cells themselves resulted COVID positive post-harvesting.

Adults tend to do this procedure earlier in the course, but it is unclear when it is appropriate for a pediatric patient, and is often considered too ...

Do you always treat with the full 21-day treatment course, or can defibrotide be stopped if certain criteria are met sooner?

Does your recommendation differ between autologous and allogeneic transplants? Does your recommendation differ in allogeneic transplant recipients wh...

I have heard <20% MRD. What about proceeding if patient is hypoplastic after chemotherapy?

Would your choice be affected by which high risk features the patient has (eg. double- or triple-hit status vs IPI score of 3-4)?

Do these events mandate discontinuation of lenalidomide therapy or switching to a different agent? Can appropriate therapy for these skin cancers be r...

Would you still proceed to high-dose therapy and autologous SCT? Would you incorporate radiation pre- or post- transplant? Or offer additional salvag...

Since some prior studies (eg. Eskelund et al. Blood 2017 130:1903-10.) have shown intensive chemoimmunotherapy does not overcome the ad...

For example - Would you offer tandem transplantation in a young, fit patient in a CR after first transplant, but with MRD detectable?

Although the MMR vaccine is contraindicated in immunosuppressed patients on anticancer treatment according to CDC/ACIP and IDSA guidelines, data on sa...

What factors influence your decision (patient/disease characteristics, additional agents added to induction chemotherapy, CR1 or later, etc)?

When is it warranted to utilize targeted therapies for known mutations (eg. midostaurin or an alternative TKI for FLT3 mutations, ivosidenib for ...

Are you routinely using letermovir as CMV prophylaxis in high-risk patients? Any special considerations with its use versus other antiviral agents? ...

Does it differ from the treatment of other relapsed peripheral T-cell lymphomas? Are there any clinical trials or case series focused on SPTCL? Is t...

My practice had always been to transfuse for plts < 10, but the recent ASCO guideline change suggests  that in the post-autoSCT setting it is ...

In drawing the lung blocks approximately 1 cm in from the chest wall, diaphragm and mediastinum, should the blocks stop underneath the clavicle o...

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