Bone and Calcium Disorders   

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Do treatments for osteoporosis have a large enough effect on tooth movement to make Invisalign less effective?

Many patients are interested in romosozumab for "maximizing bone gain" and preventing future fractures. Some have had anabolic therapy with teriparati...

The patient has very low urinary calcium despite calcium supplements, vitamin D used to be low now normal. Continues to have elevated PTH with normal ...

After replacing Vitamin D, what will be your first treatment of choice? Labs including ALP and calcium levels are normal. T scores are -3 or above. Th...

With the time intervals recommended after taking each medicine, I am wondering how patients should be counseled.

A male patient in his 30s with two lumbar compression fractures (non-traumatic) and a Z-score of -2.6 in the spine, Z-score -0.5 in hips. History of 3...

I’ve seen several such patients who have no secondary causes for bone loss, on adequate calcium/vitamin D, and compliant with denosumab who do n...

Should this patient population be treated differently? At our institution, we have started using EPIC to screen many patients for osteoporosis and ou...

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